Course Information

Course Information

City: Online & Montreal, QC  Dates: May 29 – 30, 2021
Type: Part A Course #: CA21A007
Instructors: Nik Hazledine
PT, Dip. MDT

Michael Dyck
PT, Dip. MDT
Course Cost: $695.00
Course Location: Map It!
McKenzie Institute Canada
Online via Schoology
MICanada Course, ON XXX XXX
Cosponsor: Di Wu
V-Active Centre de RĂ©adaptation

Schedule and Other Important Information (if applicable)

Eligibility: Clinicians residing & working in Quebec. This course consists of 3 English instructed pre-requisite online sessions, complimented by an English instructed course day in Montreal. All course material will be in English. You will complete Session 1 (S1) at your own pace online. Sessions 2 & 3 will be conducted online, in real-time live with 1 or 2 instructors. The course will conclude with a full day of live in-class training. All online sessions must be completed in their entirety, to qualify to attend the live course day. S1: Complete by 27MAY21. S2 & S3 - SAT/SUN 29-30MAY21, 8.00am - 3.30pm, S4 Live in-classroom day: SAT / 12JUN21 in Montreal from 8.00am-5.30pm. If the covid situation prevents us from holding the live day on June 12th, a virtual session will be offered on that day instead and a live day will be held at a later date.

Should the live day be postponed due to the covid situation and you are unable to attend the newly scheduled live day, hopefully, you will be able to attend the live day of another Part A course, however these arrangements need to be agreed upon with the MICanada Branch Administrator. Unfortunately, refunds or partial refunds will not be offered should the live day need to be rescheduled or turned into additional virtual sessions. The live day will consist of a legitimate patient assessment(s) and practical sessions. STRICT ADHERENCE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS will be required. An outline of the protocols can be located on our website at: A course manual is included in the course fee. COURSE STATUS: This course is confirmed. However, please do not make any NON-REFUNDABLE travel arrangements as you may need some cancellation flexibility if the health crisis situation doesn’t improve.