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Only complete this form, if you are a healthcare professional new to McK Institute Canada, continue on. This is NOT the form to change an address – Please call 1-800-463-8568 for assistance if you think you are on our mailing list, or return to the login page and follow the instructions.

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By checking this box, I am here-by granting the Robin McKenzie Institute Canada with my permission to provide patients and other health care professionals, specifically seeking clinicians with training in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT), with my clinical practice work contact information (updated above). I also confirm I will not indicate to patients that I am certified or fully qualified in the McKenzie Method of MDT, if I have not successfully challenged the Credentialing Exam and attained the Certified MDT designation. I also provide, the Robin McKenzie Institute Canada with permission to disclose my current level of MDT training to these patients and other health professionals seeking clinicians with my level of training. I understand that to qualify for patient referrals, I will either need to be a CCES compliant (see website for further information) Diploma or Certified MDT clinician, or meet additional qualifying criteria.


The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada's primary method of corresponding with its members across Canada is via email. Due to the new anti-spam legislation we now require your consent to contact you via email. If you answer NO, you will not receive the applicable correspondence from the institute. IMPORTANT: If you answer NO to question number 1, the institute will not be able to complete your course registration process which will result in nullifying your registration request. Please note that you have the ability to change your selection at anytime by simply logging in and updating your profile.

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