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City: LBP & PFD Webinar, (Live)  Dates: Aug 22, 2020
Type: Special Event Course #: CA20SE005
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Cosponsor: Carolyn Vandyken
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Low Back Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Sibling Rivalry. Physiotherapists currently live in the silos of their professional training and experience. Most physiotherapists identify as a musculoskeletal (orthopaedic) therapist or a pelvic health physiotherapist. Pelvic Health physiotherapy has developed a significant presence in the past 10-15 years with Level 1 evidence support for Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) with incontinence. However, recent research has shown the strong correlation between LBP and PFD; practicing within our silos does not allow physiotherapists to meet the demands of our individual patients without understanding and addressing this important link. To complicate things further, central sensitization is strongly correlated to both chronic LBP and pelvic pain. Utilizing a biopsychosocial framework for patients with LBP is more important than ever, yet many physiotherapists lack the training in psychologically-informed practice.

This webinar will make the important links between pelvic health, low back pain, and central sensitization in order to challenge the participant to consider how best to break down the siloed environment within which we practice. Eligibility: Completion of Level A or higher MDT clinicians practicing in Canada. Also able to attend, anyone that was registered for a postponed Part A in early 2020. Time: Saturday, August 22, 20 at 10.00am EDT. Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A. Start times across Canada: 7.00am PDT / 8.00am MDT/ 9.00am CDT/ 10.00am EDT /11.00am ADT/ 11.30am NDT. This free educational opportunity is sponsored by MICANADA. This webinar does not count toward CCES compliance.