Credentialing Exam

Last Step To Certification

The attainment of the Credentialing Level status indicates that the clinician has met predetermined requirements established by The McKenzie Institute International (MII) to recognize basic competency in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).

The MII Credentialing Examination is the worldwide standard for all branches consisting of multi-method testing with written and practical components designed to assess the clinical knowledge and skills developed by the practitioner throughout the post-graduate course curriculum. Those who pass the exam may use the initials "Cert. MDT" and are added to the online Therapist Locator for those seeking certified MDT providers.

After confirmed exam registration, you will be given access to advanced videos of MDT Procedures.

Eligibility requirements (Policy):

  • Completion of Parts A-D
  • Canadian licensed eligible practitioner in good standing with their respective college

Eligibility List

The seven major components of the Clinical Competencies are:

  • History
  • Examination
  • Conclusion
  • Principle of Treatment
  • Reassessment
  • Prophylaxis
  • Practitioner Procedures

In preparation for the exam, you might consider:

  • Reading the McKenzie textbooks and reviewing your course manuals and notes
  • Review of MDT Procedure Videos.
  • Take the free A-D MDT Comprehension Self-tests to help reveal areas of the manual you need to review further
  • Use your assessment forms daily
  • Auditing a course (A-D)
  • Taking the online one of the McKenzie Case Manager Course Volumes (1-3) - a great review of clinical reasoning as you work through the assessment and diagnostic process for eight cases.
  • Attending an advanced learning courses such as the Advanced Extremities Course, Clinical Skills Update (CSU) or Masterclasses
  • For more suggestions please review the Best Ways to Prepare document

Benefits of being a Certified McKenzie practitioner:

  • Those who pass the Credentialing Exam are added to our online Therapist Locator directory of qualified practitioners to receive potential referrals for three years.
  • Maintaining your place on the McKenzie patient referral list to provide patients with access to Cert. MDT practitioners qualified in the McKenzie MDT approach.
  • Recognition of your expertise and enhancement of your professional status among your colleagues, your faculty, community, referring professionals, industry, and third party insurers.
  • Consideration for involvement with ongoing outcome studies and research projects
  • To insure ongoing practice of the highest standards of MDT

Practitioners must fulfill continuing education requirements to remain part of the patient referral network:
Click here for MDT Certification CE Standards Policy

Congratulations to the Canadian clinicians that recently attained Cert. MDT status.

Exam schedule and fees:

  • Limited Class Size: Each exam is typically limited to 16 to 20 exam candidates (less for online exams). Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Completed application and full payment must be received 30 days prior to the posted exam date.
  • Please contact Aileen Conway if you need to retake the exam or a portion of the exam.

Exam Fees

Exam Fee: $550.00

Fee with D PLUS Plan: $450.00

If Required - Exam retakes:

  • Retake entire exam (only offered on scheduled examination dates): $250.00 with D Plus Plan $200.00
  • Retake Written component on a scheduled examination date: $150.00 with D Plus Plan $100.00
  • Retake Written component if taken on an alternate date, MICanada branch approval required: $300.00
  • Retake Performance component if taken during a scheduled examination date $75.00 with D Plus Plan $50.00
  • Retake Performance component if taken on an alternate date. $300.00 MICanada branch approval required (requires 2 proctors and added administration work)

Credentialling Exam Information Booklet: Click Here
Please download this CE booklet for the examination policy and procedures that you will be expected to follow.

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy / Politique d'annulation(Francais) document for full details regarding the cancellation of courses and examinations.

Exam Schedule

Before making travel arrangements, be sure you have the written letter of confirmation for your registration.

For more information, please contact Aileen Conway, McKenzie Institute Canada Branch Administrator:[email protected]