Qualified McKenzie MDT Providers

Qualified McKenzie MDT Providers

In Canada and around the world, clinicians of all types (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, etc.) select to enhance their professional knowledge by attending post-graduate training in a variety of patient care approaches. Each year, we have hundreds of clinicians from all across the country that continue to upgrade their knowledge and improve their skill in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).

When looking for a qualified McKenzie trained clinician, you should be aware that there are clinicians in the field with varying levels of training and proficiency through The McKenzie Institute®. There are clinicians that may have only taken a course or two in order to get a general idea of the approach, while there are other clinicians that go on to complete the entire training program. To ensure that a patient receives the best possible MDT care available, we recommend that patients seek out a practitioner that has completed their training and has been tested on their proficiency in the method, by successfully completing the Diploma or Credentialing exam.

It’s important to be aware that there are quite a few clinicians promoting themselves to be proficient in the approach that have little or no training in the McKenzie Method of MDT. Unfortunately, as a training institute, we do not have the means to police these individuals, therefore we are taking steps to increase the public’s awareness of the situation, as well as their understanding of the varying levels of McKenzie trained clinicians in the field.

In order to officially determine their proficiency in the McKenzie Method and achieve the appropriate Institute designation, the clinicians that have completed the entire McKenzie training program, will be required to challenge the Institute’s various testing components. Only once a clinician has successfully passed the applicable testing component, will they attain the appropriate designation from The McKenzie Institute.

The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada (Canadian branch of The McKenzie Institute International) officially recognizes three (3) levels of proficiency in the McKenzie Method of MDT. The highest level of proficiency is Diploma (Dip MDT).

  1. Diploma (Dip MDT)
  2. Accredited (Cert. MDT/ MIC Accredited)
  3. Credentialed (Cred MDT or Cert MDT)

A list of these qualified health care providers can be found using our Provider Locator tool located on our website.

To gain a better understanding of the three designation levels and the differences between those levels, please read the descriptions provided below.

Qualified McKenzie Practitioner Levels of Proficiency

Diploma MDT Seal Seal Seal

Clinicians that have attained the Diploma designation (Diploma MDT or Dip. MDT) have attained the highest level of education in the McKenzie Method. Attainment of the Diploma indicates that the practitioner has met the rigorous qualification requirements established by The McKenzie Institute International. This includes the completion of a University based theoretical distance learning program, the completion of a supervised clinical training program and passing advanced written and practical exams. Diploma MDT clinicians have invested a great deal both personally and professionally in order to meet these goals. Dip. MDT practitioners have proven their ability to excel in the field of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, displaying the highest level of competency. The reward for their dedication and personal investment is their ability to achieve peak patient outcomes. In addition, attainment of the Diploma MDT has earned these practitioners a place amongst the very best musculoskeletal clinicians worldwide.

Accredited MDT Seal Seal

Clinicians that have attained the Canadian Accredited designation (Cert. MDT/MIC Accredited) have completed all levels of the McKenzie Institute International’s post-graduate training program and have successfully passed the Credentialing Exam, proving core competency in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. In order to achieve the Canadian Accredited status, credentialed clinicians are required to successfully complete additional testing and meet specific clinical practice criteria. In addition, in order to maintain their Accredited status, the Accredited clinicians are required to continually upgrade their clinical skills with further MDT related training and regularly pass a competency testing process. Clinicians attaining this designation level are dedicated to continually improving their MDT skills in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Credentialed MDT Seal

Clinicians that have attained the Credentialed designation (Credentialed MDT or Cred. MDT, also commonly referred to as Cert. MDT) have completed all levels of the McKenzie Institute International’s post-graduate training program and have successfully passed the Credentialing Exam proving core competency in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Credentialed practitioners that have successfully passed the exam and continue to enhance their clinical skills are listed on the Provider Locator.