Accredited Clinician


Being Credentialed MDT means that you have successfully completed the first stage in your journey toward becoming an expert in the field of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT). Now that you are Credentialed, you can consider attaining the Diploma in MDT. Attainment of Dip. MDT status, will place you amongst the very best musculoskeletal clinicians in the world.

If you are not quite ready to continue your journey to the Diploma level just yet, you can still continue to develop your skills and strive toward clinical excellence in MDT, as well as gain some added professional recognition for your added training and knowledge by qualifying to become a MICanada Accredited Clinician.

The designation of MIC Accredited is bestowed by MICanada. It is a branch designation, conceived to bring added recognition and benefits to both Diploma and Credentialed MDT clinicians, that continue to enhance their knowledge of MDT and are dedicated to improving the quality of patient care in Canada.

Diploma MDT clinicians, that are CCES compliant, may apply to take advantage of the benefits of the MICanada Accredited designation, without undergoing the additional testing criteria. Please read the Accredited Clinician Criteria to learn more about the benefits and process.

Accredited MDT Seal Seal

Credentialed clinicians that have attained the MICanada Accredited designation (Cert. MDT/MIC Accredited) have completed all levels of the McKenzie Institute International's post-graduate training program and have successfully passed the Credentialing Exam, proving core competency in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. In order to achieve the MICanada Accredited status, credentialed clinicians are required to successfully complete additional testing and meet specific clinical practice criteria. In addition, in order to maintain their Accredited status, the Accredited clinicians are required to continually upgrade their clinical skills with further MDT-related training and regularly pass a competency testing process. Clinicians that have attained the Accredited designation are dedicated to continually improving their MDT skills in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Clinicians attaining Accredited status will not only benefit from the added training required to maintain the Accredited status, but they will also benefit from the marketing tools provided by the branch and added exposure of the Accredited status on the Provider Locator and in the MICanada Patient brochure. To learn more about the Accredited Clinician Criteria, benefits and process, click here.

How to Become Accredited

You have read the criteria, determined that you meet the basic criteria and you want to apply for Accredited status ... Perfect! There's no time like now to start the process:

  1. Click here to download and review the qualifying criteria.
  2. Click here to download the Accredited Clinician application form. (Important Note: After downloading and saving the PDF to your computer; once you complete the application, be sure to re-save the PDF document with your entries.)
  3. Then Click here to access the Accredited Clinician Membership page.

MICanada will only accept Accredited Clinician applications once annually. The submission deadline dates are outlined below:

  • December 31, 2017 - for the period JAN18-DEC18
Applications are only accepted once annually. If you miss the application dealing for the 2018 year, please mark your calendar and submit your application anytime after October 1st and before December 31st to be considered fo the following year.