Course Information

Course Information

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City: Credentialling Exam, Online  Dates: Jan 27 – 28, 2023
Type: Exam Course #: CA23CE001
Instructor: Richard Rosedale
PT, Dip. MDT
Course Cost: $550.00
Course Location: Map It!
McKenzie Institute Canada
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Branch Course, ON
Cosponsor: Aileen Conway
McKenzie Institute Canada

Schedule and Other Important Information (if applicable)

This exam will be held fully online over 2 days. The first day of the exam FRI, January 27th, will be the practical/procedure testing component. An individual appointment time for your testing time slot will be allocated approximately 4 weeks prior to the exam getting underway. The second day of the exam SAT, January 28th will be the theoretical testing component which will take place from 10am until 5pm Eastern. Please adjust accordingly for your local time zone.

The performance testing will take approximately 20 minutes and you will need to recruit an asymptomatic adult patient/demonstration model and have access to a treatment table for your procedure testing appointment (portable is fine). A physiotherapist, chiropractor or MDT trained clinician cannot be your demonstration model.

Before registering for the exam, please make sure you update your McKenzie profile to reflect your correct mailing address, your profession license number and work information for the McKenzie Provider which uploads to our website upon successful completion of the exam. To update your McKenzie profile, login, go to VIEW PROFILE (top right-hand corner) and change as needed.

The fee paid covers the testing components on both days.

Eligibility: PTs, DCs and MDs with completion of Parts A-D.

Before registering online, consider purchasing a D PLUS PLAN which will provide you with a savings of $100.00 off the exam in addition to other benefits. To qualify for the $100.00 SAVINGS, the D PLUS PLAN must be taken out before registering for the exam. Please wait until you receive confirmation that the D PLUS PLAN has been activated before registering for the exam. Plans are activated Mon-Fri from 8AM until 4PM ET.

In preparation for the exam consider: 1) Reviewing your course manuals and notes 2) Reviewing MDT Procedure Videos 3) Taking the free online MDT Comprehension Self-Tests Parts A - D 4) Taking the online McKenzie Case Manager course - a great review of clinical reasoning as you work through the assessment and diagnostic process for eight cases 5) Using your assessment forms daily 6) Creating a study group with other exam candidates. Once you have registered for the exam, you will gain immediate access to the MDT procedure videos.