Therapist Locator Disclaimer

Therapist Locator Disclaimer

As a courtesy for both health care providers and the public seeking to access a McKenzie MDT trained practitioner, the Robin McKenzie Institute Canada maintains a directory of qualified clinicians/practitioners in Canada who have attained various levels of MDT Certification in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).

The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada recognizes three levels of proficiency in the McKenzie MDT approach:

  • Diploma MDT or Dip MDT (highest level of achievement) Seal Seal Seal
  • Credentialed with MICanada Accredited status or Cert MDT/MIC Accredited Seal Seal
  • Credentialed or Cert MDT Seal

Please note that it is not advisable for the patient nor the clinician to discuss or dispense treatment recommendations over the telephone or by email.  The contact information provided is for the sole purpose of verification of Certified MDT clinicians and to provide contact information if  an individual wishes to make an appointment for a complete and appropriate evaluation.

Beyond documenting completion of the educational status, the Robin McKenzie Institute Canada makes no representation as to the overall qualifications of the individuals listed.

Attainment of the Credentialing Certificate indicates that the practitioner has met predetermined requirements established by The McKenzie Institute International and the Board of Directors of The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada. This would include having completed a four-part series of post-graduate courses and passed a written and practical Credentialing Examination recognizing basic competency in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Once Credentialed in MDT, the clinician may go on to pursue Diploma, in order to become an expert in the McKenzie Method of MDT. Diploma indicates that the practitioner has met additional requirements established by The McKenzie Institute International, including completion of a 300-hour theoretical component plus a 360-hour clinical residency training program, and passing advanced written and practical examinations. Attainment of the Diploma in MDT is recognition of achievement to the highest level in The McKenzie Institute post-graduate educational program and excellence in the practical application of the McKenzie Method.

In Canada; as the Credentialed clinician (Cert MDT or Cred MDT) continues to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge of the McKenzie approach, they become eligible to apply for the "Accredited" designation (Cert MDT/MIC Accredited). The "Accredited" status is allocated by the Robin McKenzie Institute Canada branch, to recognize a clinician's dedication to continually improving their MDT skills, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. Clinician's attaining the Accredited status are continually required to meet specific criteria and successfully complete additional testing.

Effective January 1, 2008, all certified MDT practitioners will be required to maintain continuing education through Institute approved programmes to better insure the continuance of a high level of knowledge and skill in the application of MDT to remain active on the referral directory.

*We expect all practitioners to be responsible in reviewing his or her scope of practice and other applicable Provincial or federal laws or regulations of their profession to determine to what extent they can utilize certain aspects of MDT in his or her jurisdiction. Patients should also be aware that some provinces or health care facilities will require a prescription from a doctor for physiotherapy services.